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GTN (Global Trust Networks)


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What kind of company is GTN?

Understand in 1 minute GTN - Understand GTN in 1 min -

foreigners living in Japan have many problems ...

Providing various services for such foreigners

Besides Japan, Asia and other bases are rapidly increasing

2006.07 Ikebukuro
2013.11 Osaka
2010.04 Shin Okubo
2015.11 Hanoi, Vietnam
2017.02 Vietnam · Ho Chi Minh
2018.01 South Korea · Seoul
2018.07 Mongolia · Ulan Bator
Branch office
As of September 2018 Including all subsidiaries / affiliates

Service users are increasing every year!

As of September 2018

It is used by people from various countries all over the world

Can correspond to 5 languages

The staff of your home country will respond in your mother tongue.
As of October 2018

We GTN will support people of various countries with full power!