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Most experienced guarantor company for foreigners in Japan! Let us help you to rent apartments in Japan!

For Real Estate AgentsFOR AGENT

For Real Estate Agents

TrustNet21 変更・解約通知書

You might have been losing opportunities to fill your vacant properties. Use GTN to seize these opportunities to rent apartment to meet the demand of foreigners without worry.

Are you afraid to lease your properties to foreigners because of language barrier and cultural difference?
We give all solutions by supporting multi language and guiding living in Japan by specially trained staff.

Benefits for Real Estate Agents

Benefits for Real Estate Agents

1. No Guarantors Needed

Finding guarantors is complicated not only to foreigners, but also very inconvenient to real estate agencies.
As GTN provides guarantee services, real estate agents could lease without concern.

2. No Language Problems

Language barriers have cause many troubles in renting housing to foreigners.
GTN has English, Chinese and Korean speaking staffs tosolve the language problems.

3. Vast database and Thoroughness credit management

There are so many different nationalities,languages, races, customs in foreign countries. And there are also various visa types and complicate credit management problem. Therefore borderless service is vital.
GTN will give all solutions and make relieved environment for foreign housing rental.

4. Improve your company’s reliability by increase occupancy rates

GTN improves your occupancy rates by supporting foreign residents.
Also, we run 「」 website for foreign residents apartment searching and have various marketing network such as media and community sites for foreigners.

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