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You are looking for excellent employees?​ ​
Then GTN will support you!
The key word is "Foreign human resources"!The key word is
"Foreign human resources"!

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Recruitment has become more difficult as Japan's population is in decline.

Trend of labor force population in Japan (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

More and more employers are interested in hiring foreign employees.

foreigners workers (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

However, it seems difficult to hire foreigners ...

Don't you have these hiring problems?

  1. I can not find the candidate that I need.
  2. Few applicants for both full-time and part-time positions...
  3. it costs too much money ...
  4. I am worried about hiring foreigners ...

GTN will help solve these problems!
Click one of the below 3 solutions.

New proposal for recruitment: GTN STUDY

We introduce excellent international students to study in Japanese language schools while working in your company as part-time employees to gain experience in one year.​ ​
Ultimatelythe program's goal is full-time employmentand to offer high-skilled employees according to your wishes.

Employer Benefits

  • We introduce graduates from 4-year universities around the world.
  • Their Japanese skills is improved quickly because our program​ ​​focuses on their studies.
  • Due to the nature of the program,​ ​the risk of early turnover is overwhelmingly low!
  • In addition to achieving a stronger work force,​ ​provoke further growth and development!
  • Ideal for your overseas expansion and multilingual support!​ ​

GTN's one-stop support

Global Trust Networks
no wasteful labor and expense will occur.

  1. GTN​ ​will support VISA and school enrolment applications with cooperation from local companies and Japanese language schools.
  2. As for life infrastructure,GTN​ ​provides various services of​ ​high quality​ ​and​ ​low price​ ​will overwhelmingly reduce the burden!
  3. For various troubles caused after joining the company,​ ​​ ​​ ​GTN​ ​consultant will also follow up thoroughly in mother tongue!​ ​

New proposal for employment of excellent foreign human resources: GTN Bridge

We introduce highly skilled employees of science background graduating from foreign universities and colleges​ ​directly to your company.​ ​We will offer highly-skilled human resources recruitment according to your wishes!

With GTN's one-stop support,​ ​
it takes no wasteful time and extra expenses.

Employer Benefits

  • We introduce excellent science graduatesfrom famous 4-year universities overseas!
  • In addition to complementing the labor force,​ ​it is also an engine for further growth!
  • Ideal for your overseas expansion and multilingual support!​ ​
  • Relatively easier to hireforeigner workers compared withJapanese.

GTN's one-stop support

  1. GTN​ ​and local corporations​ ​will support in Visa Application Procedure,etc.(Enrolment)​ ​
  2. Life support offered by GTN provides various services of​ ​high quality​ ​and​ ​low price servicewill overwhelmingly reduce the burden!
  3. For various troubles caused after joining the company,​​GTN's consultant will follow up thoroughly in mother tounge!​ ​

Searching for part-time / full-time job for foreigners GTN JOB

Click here for GTN JOB​ ​

  • Ideal for employers!

    "The site that matches foreigners who do their best in Japan and Japanese employers" Free to publish! Reasonable recruitment charge !!
    Ideal for employers who want to maintain highly skilled employees with little cost!​ ​Highly skilled foreigners for Work-ready Employment!

  • Ideal for foreign job seekers!

    Part-time job / full-time job search support for foreigners. We support foreigners those who have just come to Japan or just started learning Japanese to find entry level jobs!
    Service available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.​ ​Convenient, secure !!

  • Building up a trusting relationship!

    We aim to reach the best landing point while maintaining a relationship of trust with job seekers and employers !!​ ​
    MakingYour Stayin Japan Great

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