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Response Service 24/7/365!​ ​Leave all the issues for us!!
Multilingual Living Support
We will assist you even at night!

Since 2018, Living Support Department of GTN will offer​ ​
an optional 24/7/365 service in addition to our current regular service with resolution rate more than 97%!! (10 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.)​ ​
We aim to promptly deepening the trust and solving all the problems involving foreign tenants and management companies.

We wish to play a central role in​ ​
making your stay in Japan great.

Concerns from foreigner tenants

"I want to cancel the contract.​ ​What should I do? "
"I will return home for a while. How can I....while I'm not here?"
"I do not know how to start electricity, gas and water services."
"Equipment in the room is not working!"

foreigner tenants

Contact​ ​Our 24/7/365 service: Trust call 24
is centralised so it is easy to understand and secure!!

Concerns from management companies

"Please give tenant a warning noticeabout garbage disposal rules.
"Give a warning notice as tenant is making noises at night."
"Can't reach the tenants as they are returning home country ..."
""Please explain to the tenantsabout the renewal fee".

To all clients

We will deal with​ ​all your concerns.
So you can put your apartment on lease without any concerns.

Three-way call Non-face-to-face interpretation

Three-party interpretation is developed from the existing Japanese call centers.
This service is effective if there is already a centralised call center.
A three-way conference call with the interpreter, the user and the person in charge will be performed in real-time.

Tripartite call

At client's call center

  1. Incoming calls from foreign customers
  2. The person in charge requests a three-way call.
  3. Three-party interpretation starts
  4. Secondary correspondence will be performed by client.

Multilingual support Non-face-to-face interpretation

In multilingual customer support, if it is expected that there will be many incoming calls and standardised correspondences.
Our multilingual staff will primarily respond to the customer in native language on behalf of client.

Secondary response

Telephone correspondence

  1. Incoming calls from foreign customers
  2. GTN staff will listen to the concerns.
  3. GTN staff will escalate the case to the client.
    Depending on the content of the inquiry, our staff will solve and close the case.
  4. Secondary correspondence will be performed by client.

GTN's living support

Our multilingual staff will also assist you communicating with each other to deal with daily troubles and concerns .
(Available Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Mongolian, Spanish, Portuguese)

We will support by phone · mail · fax · SNS​ ​

Support with moving in and out.

  • Life instruction and information confirmation at the time of screening.
  • Support with lease cancellation procedure.
  • Accompanying at the time of signing lease contract and vacating the room.(※ Fee charged) Only in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Living support

  • Telephone support for activating electricity, gas and water.
  • Support in garbage disposal and noise problems.
  • Contact supports such as change of contract details, long-term absence,etc.

Trouble examples

Others troubles at the time of moving out: deposit refund, giving termination notice, short term cancellation penalty, etc.

With the increase of foreign students studying in Japan, more misunderstandings, troubles or concerns will definitely occur. If no prompt actions being taken place, these issues will cause even more damages to all parties involved.​ ​

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Office Hours:10:00-18:30 (except for New Year Holidays)
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