Foreign staff wholly support
Foreign staff wholly support

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Under free consultation

Service introduction

Various consultations from foreign staff,
The GTN Life Advisor will resolve on behalf of all personnel and general affairs.

Solving all the worries of foreigners
Solving all the worries of foreigners
  • Professional life advisorProvides high quality and stable service
  • 24 hours 365 days, Emergency response possible
  • Three-way callIn various situationsMultilingual interpreter
  • Professional staff who understand the culture of their own countryThat's why we can provide detailed support
  • Not just an interpreterTrue worries consultation and advice

Basic service

Consultation contents (example) that can be requested at GTN LIFE SUPPORT
I'm going to introduce.


Response to simple consultation in daily life

  • How to get on a train or bus
  • Information on where to buy products in your country and similar products
  • Package redelivery procedure
  • Evacuation behavior during a disaster


Of home equipment
Support for defects

  • Support for repair arrangements such as air conditioner failure and toilet clogging
  • Consultation in case of water leak or key loss


When you have trouble with Japanese conversation
Supported by three-way calling

  • Communication in shops
  • 「財布を落とした」などトラブル発生時の届出サポート


Information for medical institutions
Supports medical interpreters

  • Information on appropriate medical institutions
  • How to give first aid
  • Support for explaining symptoms at the hospital (three-way calling)

Sensitive expressions in Japanese are difficult to express with AI or machine translation, so we need a service that involves humans! (Available from August 2020)

Service that can be consulted by all personnel and general affairs

Our company, which employs about 170 foreign staff,
We will eliminate your anxiety.

  • OPTION 01

    Foreigner accepted
    General consultation

  • OPTION 02

    Knowledge of VISA etc.

  • OPTION 03

    General affairs are uneasy
    Procedural lecture

  • OPTION 04

    For foreign employees
    Fixation management support

*There are various one-stop services other than GTN LIFE SUPPORT.
Please feel free to contact us.
Acting as a company house, setting up a living environment (room search, airport transfer, resident registration/bank account opening, mobile phone contract), Japanese language and business etiquette training, etc.Global Trust Networks, Co., Ltd.
Sales Division Go-To Business Department Phone Number: 03-6822-4561

What is Go-To Division?
It's a very unusual name, but when a hyphen is inserted between go and to, it turns into a casual adjective "it's not too embarrassing to introduce to anyone."

(Example) He's a go-to guy. (He is a very reliable man)

The Go-To Business Department was established in July 2020 as a partner who can consult with foreign employees whenever they have any concerns. At such times and in such cases, we will be happy to help you with any inquiries!

Employment Information for Foreigners

Please contact us below
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Global Trust Networks, Co., Ltd.
Sales Division Go-To Business Department
Reception Hours:​ ​10: 00 ~ 18: 30 (except for the year-end and New Year holidays)
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Distributor name Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd. Sales Division
Representative's name Hiroyuki Goto
Contact information: phone:03-6822-4561
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・Bank transfer: Payment is at the end of every month.
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  • Living in an apartment in Japan
  • President Hiroyuki Goto