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What is GTN Rental Guarantor Service?

"I prefer not to rent to foreigners because they can't find a guarantor."
"It is difficult to work around tenants with whom we cannot communicate."
"I am worried they will not pay if they fall behind."
"Credit management is difficult."
"I don't want to cause trouble in the neighborhood."

GTN is a guarantor company for foreigners that can help solve these issues!

GTN's Self-Operated Comprehensive Service [A ONE-STOP Service]

  • No.1 in foreignersNo.1 in foreigners
  • 12-year track record with foreigners12-year track record with foreigners
  • Over 95% solution rate in monthlyOver 95% solution rate in monthly
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We support foreigners who are striving in Japan to find the best rooms.

The Japanese rental housing system is often confusing and complicated for foreigners to understand. GTN is here to help foreigners with issues such as guarantors and moving in and out.

For Foreigner Tenants

We will assist in accepting foreigners by providing a rent guarantee and multilingual support in times of trouble.

Our goal is to solve all the concerns real estate companies have about renting to foreigners even though they have rooms available.
Our professional staff will help with language and cultural differences and promptly handle any problems that may arise.

For Real Estate Companies

We provide a reliable environment to rent a room to a foreigner.

The Japanese population is aging with a declining birthrate, number of households, and increasing vacancy rates, while the number of foreign residents is increasing every year. There is no initial investment required to accept a foreigner. It's not too late to start accepting foreigners.

For Landlords

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GTN Real Estate

GTN provides rental guarantor services for foreigners
when foreigners apply for an apartment in Japan.


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