For Real Estate Companies (Information on GTN guarantor service)



For Real Estate Companies (Information on GTN guarantor service)

Why Choose GTN?

  • Screening Before Arrival

  • No Joint Guarantor Required

  • No Japanese Language Skills Required

  • Underage Applicants Accepted

  • Multilingual Lifestyle Support

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A Real-time Multilingual Interpretation Service

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GTN's Self-Operated Comprehensive Service

  • No.1 in foreignersNo.1 in foreigners
  • 12-year track record with foreigners12-year track record with foreigners
  • Over 95% solution rate in monthlyOver 95% solution rate in monthly
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Other GTN Services

  • Cell Phone

  • Credit Card

  • Global Human Resources

  • Study Abroad

Benefits of Choosing GTN

GTN considers the rent guarantor service as providing parental support.

  • No Joint Guarantor Required

    A total of two emergency contacts, one in your home country (parents) and one in Japan (of any nationality), are required.

  • Multilingual Communication Support

    We can also assist customers who do not speak Japanese at all.
    (Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Portuguese)

  • Contributes to Higher Occupancy Rates and Higher Profits

    We can help reduce the vacancy rate by accepting foreigners, who were previously overlooked.

  • Comprehensive Support from Attracting Customers to Moving In and Moving Out

    We provide a one-stop service that begins with attracting customers through, introducing rooms through our real estate agents, and supporting tenants during their stay until they move out.

GTN provides more than just rent guarantor service.
As a foster parent of tenants and a strong supporter of management companies and landlords, we are committed to
Making All Foreigner's Stay in Japan Great.

GTN Real Estate Business Support System

GTN Guarantor Service Details

月額賃料 明渡訴訟費用 変動費 残置物撤去・ゴミ処分費用・保管費用 更新料 早期解約違約金 
原状回復費用 退去予告義務違反金 賃料等損害金


Guarantor Period
Guarantee Limit

Service Flow

If you are considering, or want, to use the Bank Withdrawal Plan, you will need to sign a separate contract from the Agent Application Form.
For details, contact us at the bottom of this page.
Agent Application Form
Please fill out the application form and send it to us by e-mail or fax together with the necessary documents.
Click Here for the Forms
We will conduct a phone screening with the applicant, their family emergency contact in their home country, and domestic emergency contact (regardless of nationality or Japanese ability).
*All applications are subject to screening and may be rejected based on the results.
The tenant must sign and seal the Guarantor Consignment Contract and Rental Guarantor Contract.
After signing the contract, please send the complete set of contract documents to us by mail.
Please collect and keep the initial guarantor fee from the tenant.
We will send the invoice upon receiving the contract.

Overdue Rent Payment
If the rent is not paid on the due date, please request a subrogation from us.
Making Changes
When making changes to your contract information, such as rent, please submit the notification form, available on our website.
Click Here for the Forms
Guarantor Renewals
Contract Termination
Please submit a termination form.
Termination procedures may vary depending on your plan.
Lifestyle Support
Interpretation and translation services are available at no charge for tenants, real estate companies, and landlords who use our guarantor service.
Please contact us with the details of your request.
Removal and Storage of Property Left Behind
We will remove and store the remaining items after handing over the apartment under the instructions of the real estate company.
After moving out, please submit a subrogation claim by the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions​ ​

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GTN Real Estate

GTN provides rental guarantor services for foreigners
when foreigners apply for an apartment in Japan.


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