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For owners​ ​

Foreigner market

During the period from 2012 to 2017, the number of foreigners living in Japan had increased by more than 530,000. The decline in the workforce of Japanese people had resulted in the annual increase in employment of foreigners as well (about four times compared to 2004). It is also said that in 2020, the number of foreign students studing in Japan will double compared to 2010.

Also, along with the remarkable increase in international students,45.7% of new adults in Shinjuku Ward are foreigners, which has climbed over 1,700 in 2018. In Toshima Ward, 38.3% of new adults are foreigners. And in Nakano Ward, foreign new adults occupies 27% of the whole new adult population.​ ​
Generally speaking, Japanese language schools provide 4 entrance seasons, while universities and colleges provide 2. In this way, you still have chance to have your apartment applied after the moving season.

About Rental Guarantor

Instead of joint guarantor, GTN rental guarantor service provides guarantor on rent, etc. which makes it easier for foreigner to rent a room and for owners to put their rooms on lease without any concerns.

Have you ever lost the opportunity to rent your apartment to the applicant? With GTN rental guarantor service, it is no longer a concern to rent your vacancy to foreign customers. Our staff will support in communications and solve various kinds of troubles promptly and carefully.

About GTN

As of January 2018, we have provided rental guarantor services to around 1,000,000 customers all around Japan.​ ​
Our living support system, TRUST CALL, provides various services for our foreign tenants, housing management companies and landowners.​ ​

What GTN Lease Guarantor Service Can Offer​ ​

  • Domestic No.​ ​​ ​1

    About 70% of our employees are foreigners. We share and experience various cultures and understandings on foreigner’s life in Japan

  • Free multilingual living support​ ​

    We have established a group of foreigner staffs who are not only well-knowledged in foreign cultures but also well-experienced in various issues living in Japan.

  • Nationality or Japanese Ability Do Not Matter

    We have provided guarantor services for customers from more than 160 countries, including ones who are minors or pre-entry.

GTN will solve it.​ ​

About Guarantor Service​ ​

The Global Trust Networks' rental guarantor service provides guarantor service for not only monthly rent​ ​
but also other variable expenses like moving out fees.

  • Monthly rent, management expenses, etc.
    Fixed costs
  • Water bill, local membership fee, etc.
    Variable costs
  • Restoration cost, etc.
    Expenses upon moving out

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GTN provides rental guarantor services for foreigners
when foreigners apply for an apartment in Japan.


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