For foreigners applicant for occupancy



For foreigners applicant for occupancy

Services for Foreigner Customers

GTN is a rent guarantor company for foreigners renting an apartment in Japan. Our services are provided in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese!
GTN is here to support your new lives in Japan.

What is a guarantor?​ ​

The guarantor must pay the rent on behalf of the tenant when he/she did not pay their rent.
The "guarantor" has to pay the rent when the tenant did not pay the rent.
Japanese people ask family members or close friends to be their guarantors, but for many foreigners, it is very difficult to find a suitable person. GTN provides a guarantor for foreigners through our service, TRUST NET 21.

Features of TRUST NET 21

TRUST NET 21 is a rent guarantor service for foreigners who want to rent a room in Japan. It does not require any Japanese language skills, or a Japanese joint guarantor.
More than 130 of our staff from various countries will support you!

【As of September 2018】​ ​

  • We support more than 16 languages including English, Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, etc.

  • No restrictions on nationality or occupation

  • Special offers for university or college students!
    ※ Please ask your real estate agent for more details

  • Free call support in over 16 languages!​ ​

  • Many more GTN services available

Flow of using GTN guarantor serivce "TRUST NET 21"


Apply for an apartment at the real estate company that is cooperating with GTN.
Please also fill out GTN's "Guarantor Service Application Form" together with the room application form.

【Required documents】​ ​

  • Residence card front and back​ ​

  • Student → Student ID card · Back​ ​
    (In case of pre-admission, admittance permit / acceptance letter can be accepted)​ ​
    For an employed person → withholding tax statement, health insurance card, etc.

  • Passport face photo page​ ​

【emergency contact】​ ​
① one of the parents in home country
② Domestic emergency contact (No nationality requirement)
* information filled out by real estate company

Screening · Application Check

  • ① GTN will call the applicant for screening.
  • ② GTN will also call your emergency contacts in your home country and in Japan for screening.
    ※ Please inform the emergency contacts in advance

Contract cancellation procedure

① We will inform the real estate company about the result of the screening.

② After completing the review, please fill out the guarantor service contract, seal (signature OK) and make payment of the initial guarantor fee.

Please contact us below
​ ​for more details:

Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd.
Real Estate Solution Department, Sales Division
Reception Hours:​ ​10: 00 ~ 18: 30 (except for the year-end and New Year holidays)
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GTN Real Estate

GTN provides rental guarantor services for foreigners
when foreigners apply for an apartment in Japan.


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