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GTN supports people who want to come to live in Japan from around the world, and contributes to laying the foundation of globalization of Japanese society.

Representative Director:Hiroyuki Goto

As good as Japanese? No! We provide even better environment than what Japanese have!

In the context of globalization and declining birth rate, it is hard to argue that we should target the development of mutually beneficial relationship with foreign countries and foreigners. The world has already rushed into a borderless era as more and more Japanese are hoping to go to foreign countries and at the same time the number of time foreigners in Japan is increasing drastically.

I myself, have been working with foreigners from different nationalities both personally and for business. Through my experience, I found that Japan is not an easy place for foreigners to live in.

And I started to think what can I do for foreigners who are going to be essential for Japanese economy, and listen to their complaints about Japan. I finally decided to play a role in solving their problems.

What I hope is that there will be more foreigners who like Japan.

In fact, a lot of foreigners who are interested in Japan have come here to learn Japanese and Japanese society. However we haven’t been well prepared to accept foreigners. There are so many obstacles in the way of creating a comfortable living environment for foreigners in Japan, such as the inadequate system and resistance to unfamiliar surroundings.

Our company is trying our best to play a central role in building a society that makes foreigners feel “it is great that I have come to Japan”.

I would like to let people all over the world know that “Japan is a wonderful country”.

I was born and raised in Japan and I love Japan. And I take Japan as an absolutely wonderful country to my heart. Of course, there are also many issues in Japan; however, I really hope that everyone can get to know the good part of Japan and see true international interaction can be achieved.

We must also bear in mind that we are more of human beings that hope for PEACE than simplyJapanese people.
I believe that if we open our heart, people all around the world will also open their hearts to us.

Global Trust Networks Co.,Ltd.

Representative Director Hiroyuki Goto