GTN (Global Trust Networks) | for foreigners rent guarantee rent housing guarantee, (apartment, condominium, office, store) looking for real estate rooms

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Corporate Philosophy


Staff in Global Trust Networks will embody our corporate philosophy. We do our daily business with a strong thoughts to involve all the people to make our corporate philosophy happen.

Code of Business Conduct

All staff in Global Trust Networks swear to follow the rules below.

  • 1. As a GTN staff member, you should fully understand and act according to the company’s vision.
  • 2. As a GTN staff member, you must be honest and truthful.
  • 3. As a GTN staff member, you have to be altruistic in evryday’s work.
  • 4. As a GTN staff member, you ought to be humble and grateful to everyone around you.
  • 5. As a GTN staff member, you never stop improving and learning.
  • 6. As a GTN staff member, you respect the differences between nationalities, ethnicities, religions, races,and genders, and acknowledge them as the company’s property.