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Most experienced guarantor company for foreigners in Japan! Let us help you to rent apartments in Japan!

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Message from our CEO

Recruitment information

Our goal is to make Japan a highly livable place for foreigners to live in!

Nowadays we are in an era of globalization and informatization. GTN supports foreign residents who leave their home country to in Japan and contributes to globalization, coexistence with people from across the world and a peaceful society which is full of smiles.

When I was 21, I started a company with a Korean students. I have had a lot of great experiences working with people from various countries. As “globalization” has also been a hot topic in Japanin recent years, I noticed that there are still many obstacles and difficulties for living in Japan from foreigners point of view. One of them is to find a guarantor for leasing apartment.

It’s a shame that Japan can’t even fulfill one of the basic needs, shelter, for foreigners, and so I founded Global Trust Networks in July 2006 to change the situation. And now we are the largest guarantor company for foreign residents in Japan. We aim to give foreign residents the best living experience and build a good long-term relationship with them.

GTN is a company based on the bond between comrades with different nationalities, genders, ethnicities, religions and races and the value difference between them is also our strength.

“I’d love to create new value and guide the society to a better one.”
“I want to work and share my mind with people from around the world.”
“I’d like to cultivate myself in a globalized environment.”
Come join us if you can relate to any of the thoughts above!

Guidelines for application

Work hours 9:30-18:30 (luchtime: 1 hour)

Monthly Salary depends on your working experience, performance, ability, contribution, and company regulations
Bonus available.
Promotion opportunity 4 times a year

Work days/Days off Five days a week system (Shift)
Annual leave (10 days after probation period)
Golden Week holidays, New Year holidays, Summer holidays, special leave (e.g. for maternity), Lunar new year holiday (lunar new year country staff only) and Christmas holiday (Christian only)
Benefits package Housing Allowance (within 3 train stations from working location), Housing-moving Allowance, Transportation Allowance, etc.
Work Location

[Head office]
2nd Floor Oak Ikebukuro Building, 1-21-11, Higashi Ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013 Japan
3 minutes walk from JR Yamanote line Ikebukuro Station

[Shinokbo branch]
2nd floor AKIYAMA Building, 1-15-15, Okubo, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 169-0072 Japan

Departments and Qualifications

Real Estate Agent

Description: Arranging renting of apartments
Qualifications: Ability to use Japanese and any 2 of the following languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese or Nepali.

Guarantee Investigation

Description: Investigating credibility of applicants
Qualifications: Ability to use Japanese and any 2 of the following languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese or Nepali.

Debt Collection and Management

Description: Collecting and managing debt
Qualifications: Ability to use Japanese and any 2 of the following languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese or Nepali.

Sales Executive

Description: organising sales visits and presenting services
Qualifications: Experienced in sales position.

Required Skills We are looking for people who are honest, positive and altruistic.
Recruitment Process

1: Apply

Please apply either through:
-Email to
-Post (Resume, Business history records, Portfolio etc.)

2: Examination

Our staff from human resources team will inform you the result via email.

3: First interview.

We will mainly ask you your motives for the job.

4: Second interview (with Director/CEO)

We will mainly ask you about your work experience and future plans.

5: Offer sending

We will send you an offer with the details of your job.

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