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[TV Broadcast] TV Tokyo "Why Did You Come to Japan?" Rebroadcast Notice

On June 15th, a close coverage of customers who searched for a room through GTN will be rebroadcast on BS TV Tokyo "Why Did You Come to Japan? Classic".

Program name:BS TV Tokyo 7ch "Why Did You Come to Japan? Classic"
Schedule: Wednesday, June 15th
Time: 7:00 pm ~
Program homepage:

[June 15: Broadcast content]
▼ YOU want to eat 7-Eleven curry bread
▼ YOU couple who came to see wrestling on their honeymoon because they liked Japanese wrestling too much
▼ "Real Estate YOU" is closely related to finding a house for mysterious girls

[Program overview]
"Why Did You Come to Japan?", Which is being broadcast on TV Tokyo
From the nostalgic specialty YOU to the funny YOU, you can meet the legendary YOU again!






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