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Domino defeat 2021

The future I aim for 2021

GTN History

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GTN Homes | Finding a room ・ You can make a rental contract while you are in Japan!

GTN Homes | Get what you need for life in Korea with GTN!

Global Trust Networks (GTN) Concept Movie 2021

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Global Trust Networks (GTN) – PR

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[Explanation in 7 minutes! ] "Specific skills" foreigners whether to respond in-house or outsource

100 Laws for Living in Japan Fun Sequel Finding Second Part & Shopping Necessary for Living Alone [Japan in Motion 2019 # 6]

Serious property search [Japan in Motion 2019 # 5]

在日本租房子的3大煩惱!😰| Mao在日本|MaoMaoTV

GTN 10th Anniversary Video

Foreigners' Guide to Moving into Rental Housing in Japan

  • How to live in a Japanese apartment
  • President Hiroyuki Goto Blog