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Most experienced guarantor company for foreigners in Japan! Let us help you to rent apartments in Japan!

For landlordsFOR OWNER

For landlords

You might have been losing opportunities to fill your vacant properties. Use GTN to seize these opportunities to rent apartment to meet the demand of foreigners without worry.

Are you afraid to lease your properties to foreigners because of language barrier and cultural difference?
We give all solutions by supporting multi language and guiding living in Japan by specially trained staff

Benefits for landlords

Benefits for landlords

1. Fill vacant rooms with market differentiation

GTN will not let the opportunities to fill vacancy to slip away. In the context of rapidly growing globalization in Japanese society, we will fully support you in exploring and managing foreigner residents’ market.

2. No more difficulty in collecting rent

Properties management and payment collection are very crucial matters. GTN provides plans and systems to you to manage your properties.

3. Reduce the risks of troubles

It would annoy the neighbors if there is any troubles caused by the tenants. GTN will not only cope with the troubles, but also prevent them from happenning again.