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Privacy Policy

Personal information protection policy

It is our obligation to properly manage customers’ personal information in operating business. We have set a code of conduct for protecting privacy and strictly abide by the laws related to privacy policy.

Privacy and Code of Conduct

  1. We thoroughly train our staff to protect privacy and keep personal information safe. We also have established a privacy policy system which is managed by an experienced supervisor.
  2. We protect all the personal information saved in our computers with a secure technical safeguard in order to prevent unauthorized access, information loss, tampring and leakage.
  3. We only use the personal information to fulfill our responsibility on the contract, to develop better products/service, to offer our customers beneficial information, and for other proper purposes.
  4. We will not provide any personal information to any third parties other than our business partners, except when there are rightful reasons.
  5. When we ask our customer to provide personal information, we will inform you about what is it for and who is the recipient of it.
  6. Based on the contract, we will prevent leakage or re-providing of information from who we give the information to, unless there are special circumstances.
  7. We will let our customer confirm and correct their registered personal infromation if reasonable when we receive such requests.
  8. We protect customers’ personal information, abiding by the Law of Japan and other rules. Also, we will keep modifying and improving our privacy policy and regulatory compliance for our customers’ sake.

Personal information protection policy

Please contact the information desk below for inquiries or complaints about our personal information management.

TEL 03-6804-6801
FAX 03-6804-6802

*This privacy policy is subject to amendment due to reasons like change in law.