Benefits / Allowance


Use an in-house app to show gratitude to your coworkers!

With the in-house app, you can give some miles, with messages, to coworkers to show them your gratitude. You can exchange your own miles for rewards and prizes as well.


Number of annual holidays is set to 120 days!

GTN is based on a shift system.
You will work 5 days a week and have 2 days off.
Additionally, your annual holidays will include Golden Week holidays, end of the year holidays, summer holidays and special leave (for familiy weddings and funerals).​ ​
You can use your paid leave together with the above holidays to give enough time to visit your family in your country.

3 station rules

Rent allowance system

¥10,000 / month is given as an allowance to employees living within 3 stations from the company.
We care about the burden your daily commute can be and we want you to have a great time off work.

Supporting Employee Development

Support system for qualification acquisition

An allowance of ¥30,000 / month for Real Estate Notary holders.
An allowance of ¥30,000 / month for Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist.
An allowance of ¥20,000 / month for Integrated Travel Business Supervisors.
Blow away all your struggles with the blessing from the company.

Extracurricular activities

Let's have fun together!

There are many ways to enjoy your hobbies with everybody regardless of nationality and culture difference. Expand your range of interests!
A lot of leisure activities such as playing or watching sport, watching movie are available.
Regardless of your department, nationality, age or position, let's have fun together!


Birthday party for all GTN's employees.

On your birth month, have a dinner with the President of GTN and your colleagues born on the same month.
Birthday messages from all GTN members will be your treasure forever.



360° Evaluation × MBO evaluation

In addition to the participation of all the employees to the 360° evaluation, MBO evaluation has also been added.
With the double HR evaluation system going from "Way of thinking" to "Results accompanied with actions", we evaluate several angles.
The evaluation isn't based on your personal achievements, but on your team's goal achievement.
We call it ”The GTN Evaluation System".

Get promoted twice a year!?

Based on the evaluation, you get the chance to be promoted twice a year!
GTN support your hard work for your personal development and achievement of your team's goal.

Incentive travel

Get the opportunity to travel domestically or internationally every year! Let's create memories and have fun with your colleagues.​ ​

Supporting Employee Development

We support our staff studying for qualifications. You can get monthly allowances if you hold one of these qualifications!
Real Estate Notary holders: ¥30,000 / month. Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist: ¥30,000 / month. Integrated Travel Business Supervisors: ¥20,000 / month.

Child-care support

GTN's reduced working hours is permanent! We will always support our employees who work hard to raise their children, without the usual restriction of applying reduced working hours only if you have children under three years old.



Monthly general meeting & social gathering

Every month we organize a general meeting where all the employees can exchange information and share how they imagine the future. After the general meeting, there is a gathering with a light meal. It helps our employees build and improve their relationship with each other, especially with members from other departments. This has led to creating new club activities and planning events in the past.


Every quarter of a year, we hold a special workshop during which we do rice planting and harvesting. Every year, we make Japanese sake and sweets with the rice we planted and harvested. This is also a great opportunity to communicate with our coworkers from other departments.

End of the year Festival

We vote for the excellent staff, divided in different categories, from full time workers, to part-timers, freshmen and seniors. We also hold a speech contest, and present our future ideas for the company and get prizes!
In addition to that, we hold activities in which all the employees can participate.


Employees' interviews


Hiring Requirements

Office hours9: 30 ~ 18: 30 (prescribed working hours: 8 hours, break time: 1 hour)
*Depending on the department, there are also 12: 00 ~ 21: 00 shifts.
Salary月給制 経験、業績、能力、貢献に応じて、当社規定により優遇。年2回、半期ごとの昇給の機会あり。
Days off and Holidays2 days off per week (shift system), End of the year holiday, Golden Week holiday, summer holiday, etc. Annual holiday: 120 days. Special leave (family wedding and funerals) and paid holidays (you get 10 days when your trial period has ended).
Employee benefits ・ Housing allowanceHousing allowance (according to our policy)
Moving allowance due to office transfer (according to our policy)
Transportation expenses are paid
Various qualification allowances, etc.
Work locationIkebukuro Headquarters
Oak Ikebukuro Building 2nd Floor                1-21-11 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013 Japan
Transportation: 3 minutes away from JR Yamanote Line Ikebukuro Station East Exit by foot​ ​

Shin-Okubo Branch
AKIYAMA BLD. 2nd Floor 1-15-15 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072 Japan

Osaka Branch
Osaka Ekimae Dai-Yon Bldg. 21st Floor              1-11-4 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001 Japan

Namba Marui store
Namba Marui 7th Floor                     3-8-9 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076 Japan
Hiring procedure下記「募集中の職種」を確認し応募職種を記載のうえ、①履歴書、②職務経歴書を人事担当宛(にお送りください。いただいた情報をもとに選考しメールまたはお電話にて面接日程調整を行います。

  1. First interview​ ​The company as a whole, its atmosphere, allowances and the payroll system will be detailed during the interview with a manager of the HR department.

  2. Second interview​ ​The general manager of the department you are applying for, or its representative, will ask questions about your previous experiences, tasks, and about what you would like to try to do at GTN.

  3. Recruitment offer​ ​ 条件を提示させていただき、入社後の業務内容を詳細にお知らせいたします。

Global Sales & Business Division

詳細をみる 受付終了

Global Sales & Business Division

詳細をみる 受付終了


詳細をみる 受付終了


詳細をみる 受付終了


詳細をみる 受付終了


詳細をみる 受付終了


詳細をみる 受付終了


詳細をみる 受付終了

* Please apply if you consent with our privacy policy.
[Privacy policy]
The personal information submitted is used in order to proceed to the hiring decision, to communicate on the result, to proceed to the various procedures following hiring decision. However, there are cases in which your personal data may be outsourced in order to achieve its purpose of use.
The submission of personal information is optional. If you do not submit necessary information for recruitment selection (such as name, address, contact address, academic qualifications, work experience, holding qualification etc.), you may be disadvantaged for the recruitment screening.
Please contact the following office for any request concerning your personal information, such as: notice of use, disclosure of personal information, correction, addition, suspension of use, suppression, suspension of provision to a third party. Please note that we can not answer questions concerning the reasons of the hiring results.

Personal Information Protection Administrator: Person in charge at the Finance and Office General Affairs Department (TEL: 03-6804-6801)
Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd.

Note that we will not return submitted documents such as resume, regardless of hiring decision.
If by any chance your application has been rejected, we will properly dispose of your information according to our company's policy.


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