Lee Joo Hyun
■ Nationality: Korea / GTN Korea

Everyday, Lee Joo-hyun who plans to respond to customers at the forefront.
I was interested in Japan when slum dunk was the trigger.
A hot guy told me his feelings about work while having a calm atmosphere

- Please introduce yourself -

I am 28 years old Korean lady Joo Hyun.
I hoped that working in Japan would be a dream, I was able to work in Japan, blessed with people. He is a man treating the edge.
The motto of the motto is the word that Professor Anzai is saying "If you give up, the match ends," she likes slam dunks. Even though I always work while talking about it I will not give it up if I give up here Oh but it is not cool. I am always conscious to do it until the end.
Such a man.

* Why did you want to work in Japan?

Actually I do not like studying ... I thought I had to study seriously only after entering the military.
So, when I thought about studying, I like slum dunk, so I am out in Japanese and I'm learning Japanese. After studying Japanese for about a year and a half, it has become fun. Then, let's go to Japan for a year at work.
I have worked four part-time jobs over the past year, I was very busy but it was a lot of fun. I could have a dream goal that I would like to work in Japan in the future.

* The entrance is slam dunk?

The entrance is slam dunk, and Yutaka Takenouchi

* Is the experience of the army big?

I think the army was really good. People changed and I liked the life in the military, so maybe I should try something seriously, maybe the place where I first got consciousness of Gambaro.
The captain was so easy to talk, it was a hot man. So do it if you do it thoroughly. If you are studying, you'd better go to Japan. It was a nice encounter and I really appreciate the military

* It was hard to work with 4 part-time workers at work.

A part - timer at a convenience store, a manager of a share house, an instructor of Jim, and a rickshaw.


I was in Yokohama. Customers are half foreigners and Japanese. Just because it was a Korean style boom, I got chips and I enjoyed it.

* Has the impression of Japan changed before and after coming to Japan?

Before studying, anti-Japanese feeling is quite in Korea. Is it near far away country? I do not know why but I felt resistance. However, while I was studying, I saw slum dunks and drama and I found it different from Japan I knew, after all I tried to see it with my own eyes.

* Were you finding employment in Japan shortly after working holiday?

I returned to Korea, graduated from university, came to work after job hunting and came to Japan. I was operating at a parking lot company.
There are few people who fly in and drink at a foreigner, so I was thinking that it would be cool if I decided this. It was difficult.
It is a nice experience to think now, but at that time stress accumulated. Anpan and milk, I always ate it. You must not eat sweet things. I like it now, but I do not eat much.
There was another company after that and my salary was not. Well, I thought that I might not be suitable for Japan Oh, but I thought I should return.
It is also the way to go home, and lastly when I looked at various companies one more time GTN was there. I thought this company would be nice and interviewed. After that, I met my current boss.

* Why did you think that GTN is good?

I always read the blog of the president and this company is appealing something, it seems that over 70% of foreigners are working, and I thought that if I was here I could demonstrate my own power.
Originally I was a manager of a share house and I was interested in the real estate industry, it seemed interesting because the impression of the president's blog was good.

* What impression did you actually work on?

It's awesome. There are absolutely one or two people who do not like drama even when they see it. People may not fit GTN personally, but everyone is a nice person. I am working while thinking that such a good company exists.

* Please tell me the work that remains in the impression

I did a pretty big mistake in the first year.
As a self of that time I realized for the first time that small things would be such a big problem, I am very sorry.
Before that, I ride a lot well, I visited and it was not that difficult, I was doing daddy ... but it changed a lot with that.
Each person's actions may cause trouble for the company, and it seems from that time that I do not know how much damage it will be. On the contrary, GTN will be great as long as you do it properly
Just at that time, it really caught me. What to do.
Following people around me was a blessing. It was a good experience as there are some people who will surely believe even if they fail.

* What kind of work do you want to do in the future?

One of the talented people who happened to be in Korea has a national program so that you do not try working in Japan after receiving it? I was asked a voice. It was decided and I was able to work in Japan.
I had such a chance, but I think that there are many other passion and it is hot but people in various countries are not environmentally friendly.
I want to find those people and give opportunities to work in Japan and abroad or create an environment.
Even if someone like me I went to Japan when I went to Japan I was not an academic ability, I thought that efforts would be rewarded and I thought that I could do something I wanted to do. In the future I would like to do that kind of work

* For those who were interested in GTN at the end

There is no bad person so I can spend like my family but if I have my passion I will only accept as long as I do my best and I have a company that can work hard enough that I would like you to want to work at GTN.
There is passion, people who sympathize with vision. I want to work with hot people.


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