Asuka Murakami
■ Nationality: Japan / President's Office Human Resources

One hour while taking a walk of a pet dog before going to work every morning Time to think about Iloilo
My hobbies are various, many things I like! And Asuka Murakami full of vitality
I asked about members of GTN who saw her as a sister-like presence that every employee can trust.

- Please introduce yourself -

It is Mr. Murakami Asuka who is in charge of personnel recruitment.
It is the fifth department in the 8th year since joining the company.
Beginning with a room search intermediary for corporations, making an administrative team for sales.
Since my former position was a talented company, a voice came up at the launch of the staffing department of a foreigner. Various things including the subsequent operation.
Apart from jobs in the Human Resources Department, I also worked from recruiting to covering work after joining the company. It is business manners such as training and telephone correspondence.
We are now officially shifting to the Human Resources Team and will continue to recruit internal employees and restore employee training in the future and let us make a mechanism so that we can learn about Japanese companies, especially from foreigners in case of foreign staff And it is moving.

I like to go out and work about the house on holidays. Previously I went to Ginza and went shopping and eating, but now I am outdoors because I want to go out with a dog.
I am preparing a little tools every summer this year to make a complete camp debut.

* Switching ON / OFF is perfect.

I agree. Because I will keep my roots. Will you take a rest at rest?

* Do you concentrate and work, concentrate and play?

something like that! I think that way is better for both work and play.
It is a position I'm telling you to switch to employees, so I want you to sharpen.

* Are members turned ON / OFF?

Because there are a lot of staff from abroad, I think that it is good to take a day off from the company culture of our place to rest when you can rest.
It may be a long break from 2 weeks or 1 month and so on, and since there are many young generations in the late 20's I think that the connection of Yoko is strong. There are many times I'm playing regardless of my department. Try opening a home party.
So I think that it is switched to work, play and private.

* Human Resources - like story. Please tell me why you are not holding company briefing sessions and what kind of person you want to come to.

Until now, there were a lot of patterns that people who worked part-time jobs will find employment as they are. People who know the culture of GTN, we also enter people who know humanity enter.
From now on, I think that it is at a stage where I plan to adopt recruitment.
As those who are seeking, those who embody empathy with GTN 's way of thinking in the future.
I think that I would like to meet people who can create new and increasingly new services that allow foreigners to live comfortably.

* The range of business is also spreading

Foreign staff can do more, so if people involved mainly in translation or interpretation or their work have been involved in the launch of sales activities or new departments, they will notice different abilities.

Also, people from various countries. Not only languages ​​but also culture comes in. It is easy to hear what kind of people in this country are like.
It is very encouraging that there are people who can accompany interpreters in the company when traveling.
In addition to his usual work I think that he is also fun because he can make use of his abilities.

* It is important to make places where you can make a big success

The president is such an idea. So, there are lots of things I want to do and I will show you a lot so I thought that it was my job to fill in the gap. It is interesting as we can make suggestions more and more.

* Please tell me what you would like to see in the company,

We have club activities, employee trips, and so on. I've been doing it for 10 years, so I want to do something new.
For example, because there are only people in various countries, this is a language course. Give the members a role as a teacher.
Since it is not a bigger scale, it is fun to send GTN to the outside world through events involving outside customers, customers and business partners. I would like to formulate a plan to send employees to others as well.

* It is an environment that can do that, and there is no one who can not do it when making a suggestion.

Let's try it first.

* The strength of GTN

Well ... I always think when I'm interviewing, but it's easy to make a big presentation about GTN
There are lots of attractive elements and it is interesting to be able to respond to people in various countries while staying in a Japanese company. The staff are also people in different countries, and individual customers are all foreign customers

Although global companies are on the rise. Although it is a hand-made miso, I guess it's going ahead a little bit
As my company is a Japanese company, there may not be freedom like foreign capital but it seems that there is warmth of Japanese company, family feeling.
Rather than having to work in a place like a foreign capital, there is a merit of an old-fashioned Japanese company rather rather.
When the president is concerned about someone's comment written in the daily report, he says to me that he sent me a message directly and said, "I do not care how it happened, I would like to take care of it and I think that's kind of comfortable People are nice.
Also, as of now, knowledge and information are not required but it is very much to study, so it is important to have fun learning from myself.
I am very sensitive to the news. Especially international relations, diplomatic relations will be influenced. I always think that people who are interested in various things and who can catch information properly by themselves and those who can output inputs to various people are good.

Anyway, it works by yourself, thinking on your own, of course you can teach anything you do not understand as much as you can, so I'm looking for a person who can go ahead with it as my own food and look forward to it!


Our Philosophy
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