Huynh Le Cam Giang
■ Nationality: Vietnamese / GTN Vietnam

In GTN Vietnam, as a leader who pulls a young member, Yan always works hard with a big smile.
The holiday fits in a romance novel, my boss told me to read a business book, but confidently confirmed it.
I focused on the attitude toward her work as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam.

- Please introduce yourself -

It is Fin Lee Kam Yang.
I came to Japan in 2004, so it's about 13 years already.
Although I was interested in thinness, I came to Japan and I did not have any interest in it, but if I lived here for a long period of time, I fell in love with it, I feel like I can not leave.
My former job was also a Japanese company, but I was unlikely to return to Japan for over a year with Vietnamese work.
I kept going to Vietnam for a long time I decided to change my job in myself, thinking that I will not match the future or the future
To GTN, know the recruitment from the introduction of the juniors. I guess it was the chance. Because I want to keep an axis in Japan.

* Why were you attracted to Japan?

I do not know.
After I became a college student and a social worker in me, Japan is connected, soaked in. A variety of Japanese people. Japanese as well as Japanese services are so and living standards are also good. I have always thought that I want to stay in Japan for many things. I do not know forever, though. As of now, this way all the time.

* What do you want to do?

what is it. It is not decided in particular.
I am thankful for having new opportunities and opportunities like new business.
The Vietnamese business is also a wonderful and nice opportunity when asked by my boss. I want to do it with full power.

* There is power

There is no power. I will make power. I do not have any talent. So I have it now thanks to the people around me and my team covers. Vietnam has not done anything yet as a project, but everyone together and looking for various ways. A little light, I guess that the goal has come to a distance.
I feel GTN is a bit special company. Because it is a company with many foreigners, it becomes a friend of a foreigner, and there is not much company which can make direct opinion while eating with the president at a company of 150 people size.

* One third of this month is Vietnam, and two thirds are Japan. Do you feel close to Japan and Vietnam if you are coming and going only this much?

Because it has many repetitive tasks, it will stop if you move away, so neither will be long apart.
Well, since it is the same Asia, I feel close, because there is Internet, I can communicate day by day.

* Is there a difference in work style between Japan and Vietnam?

Regarding members, neither is easy to do. All the staff of Vietnam are good kids.
Some local staff are not used to Japanese companies yet, but they have resorbability and will respond as soon as they point out.
Everyone is really young. The number of people is small, but I think I'm supposed to be in a good member.
Just how you can cover the shortage of people when you are busy is a problem.

* There are various countries, but what do you feel confused?

There is not it! Even though China, Korea, Nepal has many people, we have Japanese culture in common. The company's language is also Japanese.
I am Chinese, so this way or Mongolia this way or nothing at all.
Respecting the opinions of customers as it is, if customers say this way in China say that GTN staff told in Japan that this is how it is understood and understand it.

Does not it spare no efforts to get it understood? I think that communication skill is high.

I think all the members of GTN are wonderful. Very safe with only excellent staff.
That department is OK, that department is not all about it, Oh, everyone is OK at all, I can do my job with confidence.
I am currently watching the Vietnamese staff as a leader, but until now I have seen the top as a member of the team so I can understand the members' feelings. I will see only the atmosphere in any department with such a habit about how I can follow what I feel about the top.
Apart from that I will not pinch my mouth. Huh?

* In the busy season, every department is a lazy river.

That's nice, is not it? Because I believe in GTN and applied for it. I am glad that you are busy.
It is the influence of my boss. Things are going wrong unless you send in positive words. It is quite natural, tough busy.
When saying it to your mouth say that it is fun without saying anything serious. It's fun to have lots of applications.
As I said, it may be slightly different, so I am still studying.

* What kind of person would you like to work with?

Anyway if you are a positive and optimistic person you might be amazingly amusing each other.
If you feel like saying anything, it will be easier to teach if it is a spirit, because the other side will not move if you make a wall.
I think that if you are going to do anything you can do anywhere.

* It will support even the work of a different department.

What I do not want may be thought as boring at first, but it is wonderful to do it well because it is boring.
Anyone interesting can do it. A person who has surmised a trivial thing is wonderful.
I have to make sure that the ability to train with my current job will be made available to the next step absolutely. I do not think that I envy other work but a person who can work hard in seeing what the mission given right is being done properly is good.


Basic Principle 1, Encouraging frankness
To speak frankly is not for you, but for others.
Even if you are aware of the problem, telling the other party is to take opportunities for opponent growth.
And if it grows up, it is wonderful for you, GTN and society.

We are waiting for those who are positive and facing work positively at any time.

  • Living in an apartment in Japan
  • President Hiroyuki Goto