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Trust Net21/Guarantor Service

Guarantor problem has been a painful hassle for both foreign residents and property owners in Japan.
Our “TRUST NET21″ will solve the problem.


“Foreigners don’t have guarantor.”
“They can’t speak Japanese.”
“What if they fail to pay rent?”
“Do they have good credit?”
“Will they cause any troubles to the neighbors?”

GTN is a specialist in being a guarantor for foreigners and coping with all the worries above.

Benefits of 「TRUST NET21」


Benefit 1. Reliable Guarantee Plan

48 months long warranty period(6 months for commercial property use). We will also take charge of garbage disposal fees, legal fees(including attorney’s fees), as well as the fees for clearing things left behind. We will solve the problems promptly with our corporate lawyer.

Benefit 2. Smooth contracting to improve occupancy rate

Our guarantee investigation is speedy and scrupulous.

Benefit 3. No bothersome trouble for management company

GTN has English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Nepali support. Our service will not allow any inconvenience to apartment’s management companies.

Move-in Procedures

STEP01 Choose your preferred apartment and fill out our TRUST NET21 application form and send it via Email or FAX.
STEP02 We will begin the investigation after receiving your application form.
(Investigation into required documents, applicant’s contact, emergency contacts, working place, etc.)
STEP03 An Examination Approval Notice will be sent by fax
STEP04 Sign the contract of guarantee service when you sign the lease contract. The guarantee fees will be paid together with your upfront costs of the lease contract, to the management company.
STEP05 Your apartment will be available for moving in.

Content of guarantee service

  • 1. Rent arrears (Rent and Maintenance fee)
  • 2. Any fixed fee stated on the contract
  • 3. Disposal fee for personal property left behind
  • 4. Storage fee for personal property befind
  • 5. Suit fee for eviction

*Restoration fee, Renewal fee can also be covered by special agreement.