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Most experienced guarantor company for foreigners in Japan! Let us help you to rent apartments in Japan!

For foreign residentsFOR TENANTS

For foreign residents

GTN helps foreign residents in Japan to find their apartment and hopes for their comfortable life in Japan!

We understand that Japanese housing rental system is very complicated to foreigners. GTN will solve every housing rental problem that you are going to face.

Benefits for Foreign Residents

Benefits for Foreign Residents

1. No need to find guarantor

Guarantor is required in order to rent an apartment in Japan but it is extremely difficult for foreigners to find a guarantor. However, our “TRUST NET21″ can be your guarantor to deal with this issue.

2. No more language barrier

There are still very few real estate companies that provide language support, althuogh communication between real estate companies and foreign tenants is unavoidable. We have English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Nepali support to help foreigners to rent the apartment they want to live in.

3. A good partner in Japan

We will be your partner, helping you out when you have troubles in your daily life in Japan.

About application

Documents below are required for applying for guarantee service.
To make the process easier, please have them ready.

● Mandatory document

Residence Card or Certificate of Alien Registration

● One of the items below

Driver’s License, Health Insurance Card, Salary Certificate, Student Card, etc.