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It is a real estate agency specialized for foreigner customers. We offer a wide range of room search services for residential and business uses.​ ​
We have built up relationships with more than 10,000 management companies and landowners during our 13-year history.
We provide language support between our foreigner customers and Japanese management companies and landowners, solving problems before and after your living in the apartment.

Specialized for foreigners (multilingual support)

Support in multiple languages ​​(English, Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, etc.)

Search for your apartment and apply before arrival

Secure your favorite room before coming to Japan, completing your applications and get your key the day of your arrival.

GTN provides speedy guarantee review

As an experienced rental guarantor service company, GTN provides not only speedy review, but apartments from approval management companies and landowners.

Documents required for review

  • Residence card front and back

  • Student → Student ID card · Back
    (In case of pre-admission, admittance permit / acceptance letter can be accepted)
    For an employed person → withholding tax statement, health insurance card, etc.

  • Passport face photo page

For guarantor service

Many corporation customers choose us

More than 100 corporation customers choose us for their foreign employees.

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Apartment Hunting site for foreigners (Best-Estate)

Specialized for foreign customers and searchable in foreign languages

Click here for Best-Estate site

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Global Trust Networks Inc.
Global Rental Department, Foreign Housing Business Division
Business Hours10: 00 ~ 18: 30 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)
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