GTN Real Estate


It is a real estate agency for foreigner customers only. We offer a wide range of room search services for residential and business uses.​ ​
We have built up relationships with more than 10,000 management companies and owners during our 13-year history.
We provide language support between our foreigner customers and Japanese management companies and owners, solving problems before and during your tenancy.

Real Estate Agency for foreigners (multilingual support)

We provide multilingual guidance and explanations for finding rooms (English, Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali are also available)

Search for your apartment and apply before arrival

Reserve your favorite room before coming to Japan, in some cases, we will explain online, have the contract signed in advance and you can get your key on the day of your arrival.

GTN provides speedy screening process

As an experienced rental guarantor company, GTN provides not only speedy screening, but apartments from reliable management companies and owners.

Documents required for screening

  • Copy of your Residence Card (both sides)

  • For Students: Copy of Student ID card (both sides)
    (A letter of admission or acceptance letter is accepted if you are not yet enrolled)
    For Employees: Copy of Certificate of Withholding Tax, Health Insurance Card, etc.

  • Copy of your passport photo page

More about guarantor service

Many corporation customers choose us

More than 100 corporation customers choose us for their foreigner employees.

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Apartment Hunting site for foreigners (Best-Estate)


Click here to go to Best-Estate site​ ​

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